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  Open Source Observatory and Repository for European public administrations

    Monthly Open Source News Service --- 29 October 2010

        Welcome to the Monthly Open Source News Service of the OSOR project!

This monthly alert keeps you updated with news related to the use of 
Free/Libre/Open Source software (FLOSS) in the public sector in Europe. 
It includes the latest FLOSS software-related news, activities, 
initiatives and insights from across Europe and beyond.

Enjoy reading -- and visit us at http://osor.eu <http://www.osor.eu/>!

      Latest News

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              EU: Legal experts to discuss laws and procurements on open

      | 20 October 2010 | EU


              ES: Guidelines to help local administrations procure open

      | 21 October 2010 | Spain


              ES: Public administrations in Axarquia moving to open
              source desktops

      | 21 October 2010 | Spain


              FR: 'Marseille's desktop plans conflict with procurement

      | 27 October 2010 | France


              PT: 'Gvt must stop breaking procurement rules and move to
              open source'

      | 27 October 2010 | Portugal


              EU's procurement tool supports purchase orders and service

      | 28 October 2010 | EU


              Malta government starts consultation to increase use of
              open source

      | 28 October 2010 | Malta


              Russian government to invest in open source desktop

      | 28 October 2010 | Russia


              ES: Andalusia: 'Open source has helped save millions of

      | 28 October 2010 | Spain


              DE: Resource centre helps public administrations implement
              open source

      | 29 October 2010 | Germany

      Upcoming Events

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        Reuse of FLOSS software: how a Public Administration can create
        a community

| 3 November 2010 | Padova, Italy

The city of Padova together with PloneGov Italia organize one full day 
on the reuse of FLOSS solutions in Public Administrations in Italy. 
Among the participants there will be experts from Padova, Ferrara, La 
Spezia, Bologna and the regions Veneto and Campania together with 
companies involved in the FLOSS sector.

        LinuxAlt 2010 <http://www.osor.eu/events/linuxalt-2010>

| 6 - 7 November 2010 | Brno, Czech Republic

The fifth Brno Linux conference is planned for 6 and 7 November 2010 in 
Brno, the Czech Republic. Preliminary conference topics include open 
source solutions for digital hotography, audio and video, office 
applications and security.

        Fossa Conference 2010; Where Open Source Meets Academia

| 8 - 10 November 2010 | Grenoble, France

The second edition of the fOSSa Conference - Free Open Source Software 
for Academia, is taking place in Grenoble, France, on 8 to 10 November 2010.

        ITAPA conference <http://www.osor.eu/events/itapa-conference>

| 9 - 10 November 2010 | Bratislava, Slovakia

ITAPA is the leading international congress on information technology 
use in public administration organized in Slovakia every year.

        Open Source in Public Administration 2010

| 11 November 2010 | Rome, Italy

Open Source in Public Administration (OSPA) 2010 is a National 
Conference organized by Concreta-Mente association with Luiss Guido 
Carli, La Sapienza and Tuscia Universities, with other national Academic 

        SFScon 2010 <http://www.osor.eu/events/sfscon-2010>

| 12 November 2010 | Bolzano (Bozen), Italy

The South Tyrol Free Software Conference is the international conference 
about Free Software located in South Tyrol, Italy.

        Freeing Public Sector Software! (EOLE 3rd edition)

| 29 - 30 November 2010 | Torino, Italy

The European Open Source & Free Software Law Event (EOLE) is a yearly 
event that aims to promote the sharing and dissemination of legal 
knowledge on Free, Libre & Open Source Software (FLOSS) licensing, as 
well as the development and promotion of good practices in the field. 
2010 EOLE edition is focused on use of FLOSS in public administrations.

The OSOR.EU project is a pan-European information platform on 
Free/Libre/Open Source software in the public sector, and is intended to 
promote and spread the use of best practices in Europe. It aims to 
provide a comprehensive overview of Free/Libre/Open Source Software 
policies and activities in the public sector, especially in current and 
future EU Member States.

Please feel free to forward this alert to any other interested persons, 
and to send us your comments and suggestions. We also welcome your 
contributions and we invite you to send in news items, announcements for 
events and other stories related to FLOSS and of interest to public 
administrations to the email address mentioned below. Moreover, if you 
belong to a public authority or a public sector organisation and would 
be interested in being the subject of a case study for best practices 
regarding open source software, please contact us. All emails should be 
sent to info[at]osor.eu <mailto:info στο osor.eu>.

*© European Communities 2008.*
Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged.
The views expressed are not an official position of the European Commission.

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