[GreekLUG] "Back In Time" requests for translation

Savvas Adamtziloglou savvas-gr στο greeklug.gr
Τρί 26 Σεπ 2023 15:21:33 EEST

Hello Christian,

thank you for your message,

we will check the matter with the GreekLUG translations team in order to 
contribute in translations during the next days!

I will inform you accordingly. Feel free to post any updates on the 
matter in case any other community member wants to participate.

Savvas Adamtziloglou
GreekLUG Secretary

Στις 26/9/23 12:43, ο/η c.buhtz στο posteo.jp έγραψε:
> Hello together,
> I'm member of the upstream maintenance team of "Back In Time" [1] a 
> rsync-based backup software.
> I would like to request Greek native speaker to contribute to 
> translate the GUI of that application. Currently the translation into 
> Greek is 10% complete. We need to assume that there are no or very 
> less Greek users if this value do not increase. We have to remove that 
> language in that case to reduce maintenance burden.
> We don't have much text. There is just a little more then 350 short 
> strings that need to get translated into Greek (and some other several 
> languages). It would be great if you could help that project and offer 
> or review some translations on our Weblate platform [2].
> No one gets payed. No company behind hit. Even the maintainers and 
> developers are volunteers.
> Please let us know if you would like to be named as translator in the 
> credits (e.g. about dialog) of the software.
> Thanks a lot
> Christian Buhtz
> [1] -- <https://github.com/bit-team/backintime>
> [2] -- <https://translate.codeberg.org/projects/backintime/common/el/>
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