[Greeklug] Italy puts Free Software first in public sector

Sergey Tsabolov ( aka linuxman ) sergios στο greeklug.gr
Παρ 17 Ιαν 2014 00:22:38 EET

The Italian government has made Free Software the default choice for 
public administrations. In a document 
published last Wednesday, the Italian Digital Agency issued rules saying 
that all government organisations in the country must consider using 
Free Software before buying licenses for proprietary programs.

The document, titled "Guidelines on comparative evaluation [of 
software]", sets out a detailed method which public bodies must follow 
to decide which software to use. They are required to look for suitable 
Free Software programs, or choose software developed by the public 
sector. Only if no suitable programs of these types are available may 
they consider acquiring non-free software.


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