[Greeklug] Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely

Kostas Mousafiris kvisitor στο gnugr.org
Σαβ 25 Αυγ 2012 16:43:01 EEST

Στις 25/08/2012 02:52 μμ, ο/η tuxar έγραψε:
> Εγώ επίσης πιστεύω ότι “η αγνοία είναι η ρίζα και το στέμμα κάθε
> κακού” και ενημερώνω τους  γνωστούς μου.
> Αν καταφέρουμε να έχουμε επιρροή και  στην αγορά καινούργιο υλικό
> (hardware συμβατό με Linux), τότε θα είμαστε κάποια βήματα μπροστά 
> στην αφαίρεση του bug #1
> ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 )
Πολύ καλό! Πού το ανακάλυψες;; Χε χε χε
Σε ότι αφορά την ενημέρωση σε θέματα υλικού,
πιστεύω οτι μια πολύ αξιόλογη προσπάθεια είναι αυτή εδώ:
>> Microsoft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC marketplace.
>> This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix.
>> Non-free software is holding back innovation in the IT industry,
>> restricting access to IT to a small part of the world's population
>> and limiting the ability of software developers to reach their full
>> potential, globally. This bug is widely evident in the PC industry.
>> Steps to repeat:
>> 1. Visit a local PC store.
>> What happens:
>> 2. Observe that a majority of PCs for sale have non-free software
>> pre-installed.
>> 3. Observe very few PCs with Ubuntu and free software pre-installed.
>> What should happen:
>> 1. A majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software
>> like Ubuntu.
>> 2. Ubuntu should be marketed in a way such that its amazing features
>> and benefits would be apparent and known by all.
>> 3. The system shall become more and more user friendly as time passes.
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